After an exciting morning of baby animals at the zoo what a better way to relax and grab some great food than to check out the Richtree Market Taco Truck! First of all the atmosphere is crazy cool, the taco truck is made out of a gorgeous mint green Volkswagen van! Second, the customer service is amazing, the employees were extremely polite and they were extremely patient, which is sometimes hard to do when you’re serving 82 hungry pageant girls! The employees were always happy to answer any questions you had for them are were eager to help you clean up once you were done, if you’re looking for great people this is the place for you. Of course I can’t forget about the food, it was incredible! I ordered the fish tacos, it was a great piece of beer battered cod, over a bed of coleslaw, a spicy sauce, cilantro and lime, all wrapped up in a soft taco shell; it’s a great meal to grab on the go or sit down in the market and enjoy it with some friends! If you are in the Eaton Centre in Toronto, you have to check out the Richtree Market Taco Truck, you will thank me! I like to say a huge thank you to the truck for giving us such a lovely lunch today, it was greatly appreciated!


If anyone is interested in more info:


Richtree Website:

Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket


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