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Now that the blog network is back up and running and final exams have come to a close I have become consumed in pageant prep!

First of all I’d like to thank all of those who have donated to either my go fund me account or in person! Every donation means so much to me and brings me one step closer to achieving my goal! Also I have begun fundraising for our charity “Free the Children” by selling home made cake pops, if you’re interested in supporting this worthwhile cause check out my Facebook page!

I have so many exciting events and posts planned for the remainder of my journey to Miss Teenage Canada and I so happy that you are all able to take this journey with me!

Make sure you stay in touch follow my Instagram, Twitter and like my Facebook page to never miss an update!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ” -Lao Tzu


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This past week I had the privilege to perform at the 8th annual Janeway Jamboree in Marystown! This event is an annual concert to raise funds for the Janeway Children’s Hospital in St. Johns. This event was very special to me because I hold the Janeway very close to my heart.

At the age of 10 I was admitted to the Janeway with an extremely high fever, low blood cell count and not much hope for the future.  When you’re 10 years old the only things you have to worry about are who you’re going to play with after school or your spelling test on Friday, you don’t have to worry about dying, but I did. Things were looking bleak until they identified my disease as Kawasaki Disease and started a treatment called IVIG, a treatment that is usually only given once, but because I had such a small window between life and death, I was given a second dose and thankfully began to respond. I owe my life to the Janeway Hospital and the wonderful staff that works there which is why any opportunity I am given to volunteer or raise funds for them, I graciously accept.

The event was a total success, a sold out show with some amazing local acts! It was so nice to see people from all over the peninsula come together to support such a great cause! A huge thank you to the coordinators of the event for asking me to perform as well as a big congratulations on an amazing success!


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In 2009 Dr. Michelle Slaney, an organizer of the COP 15 Summit in Copenhagen, a former student in my school, paid a visit to us and opened our eyes to what it’s like to make a difference. We were all extremely excited to get started and created a group known as the Holy Name of Mary Academy Eco Kids. It began with a paper recycling program in our school and collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house and grew into our own green house and a biodiversity garden.

We also purchased re-usable water bottles for staff and students, erected an “Idle Free Zone’ in our parking lot, planted trees around our school, and even preformed a play on our Christmas concert called “Santa Goes Green” to encourage others to become environmentally friendly. We take part in “Lights out Canada”, “National Sweater Day” and “Earth Hour” and have participated in the Burin Peninsula Envrio- Fest. The list goes on, of things we’ve done over the past years.

We have become a chapter of “Marine Institutes Friends of Beaches” and we have presented at the “Ocean Net” Conference for three years. Our group has won the “Eco Champ” award, “U Rock Volunteer” award and “Staples Recycle for Education” award.

The Eco Kids show that just a few people in a small school can make a difference. It doesn’t take an army or futuristic machinery; it takes one person.

In 2013 I made a presentation at the Marine Institute, Ocean Net conference with the H.N.M.A. Eco Kids! At this conference another presenter told us of his Arctic expedition with the organization Students on Ice. This immediately sparked my interest and as soon as I got home I made it a goal to be selected to participate in this expedition, I applied for a scholarship with the Marine Institute with an essay about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and fortunately I won!

My expedition took me to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland with over 150 students, innovators, scientists and teachers!

While on this trip of a lifetime I experienced a place in the world that was truly amazing, I uncovered the mystery in wildlife, learned about a completely new culture and basked in the beauty that is the Arctic. ! I was able to explore wonders such as the Ilulissat Icefjord, a gorgeous place, filled with ice bergs as far as the eye could see. However due to global warming, I learned that it is expected to disappear in 20-30 years! I was able to speak (and sing) to the Prime Minister of Greenland herself at the 100th anniversary of a Northern community called Uummannaq, who welcomed us with open arms! A tradition on SOI expeditions is the “Arctic Swim”, in which you plunge into the freezing Arctic waters for a swim! I submerged myself into a new culture, toured Disko Bay in zodiacs and met lifelong friends.

Another of our activities was a 30K hike to the Arctic Circle; put yourself into my size 8, waterlogged hiking boots.

Every twist and turn of that hike made me fall in love with this corner of the Earth that was tucked away, uncovered by so few.  We had stopped to explore a little and then I realized that I was standing in quite possibly the most interesting place in the world. Snow capped mountains towered above me; sand stuck to my wet boots and right beneath the sand was snow.  Before me was a pond, a teal-green pond that would put any body of water to shame.

I took a step back to take in this beautiful sight and my foot collided with something; that something was trash. I was standing in the most fascinating place I could imagine and I found trash. During my expedition the burning passion I had in my heart and soul had raged into a dangerous fire and a girl with a mission. Since then I have continued to work with the HNMA Eco Kids, this will be my 7th year volunteering with my community and school.

As you can see environmentalism is a huge passion of mine, which is why I have chosen it as my platform! My goal is to educate people of the importance of environmental protection and make the world aware of the issues facing our planet. I believe that we must be educated on these issues in order to insure a healthy future for our Earth.

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved.” -Richard Rogers

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My name is Bailey and I’m very proud to be carrying the title of Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland!   I enjoy the outdoors, reading, yoga and all things glamour! I live with my mother and father, my younger sister, Kennedy and my 9 month old Dalmatian, Gypsy in Lawn; a quaint (but extremely supportive town) nestled on “the boot” of Newfoundland!

I’m currently a level two student at Holy Name of Mary Academy, my education is very important to me and I have won many academic awards throughout my school career such as Top Student and Academic Excellence.

I aspire to be a Veterinarian, animals are my passion and always have been; when I was a child my teachers would always ask the class what they “wanted to be when they grew up”; my fellow students always piped up with careers of princesses and rock stars but my answer was always veterinarian and that dream never wavered. Once I graduate High School I plan to go to The University of Prince Edward Island, complete a Bachelor of Science degree and then apply to the Atlantic Veterinary College. Upon completion of my training I want to fulfill my dream of starting my own Veterinary clinic and rescue shelter. In doing so I would be able to help both those animals who have a loving home and those that do not. I want to devote my life to providing a better life to animals of all sizes, making sure they are properly cared for and most importantly, happy!

Because of my career goals I have begun to dip my feet into the world of medicine by participating in programs such as Memorial University’s MedQuest and Neuroscience competitions!

 Another strong passion of mine lies with the importance of environmental conservation and protection. My interests are focused mainly in the fields of ocean conservation, global warming and climate change, protection of endangered species and trash reduction. This passion was sparked in the fourth grade when I co-founded, with some students, an environmental group, called the Holy Name of Mary Academy Eco-Kids. We promoted environmental awareness throughout our school and community. In 2013 I was awarded a $15,000 scholarship with the Marine Institute that allowed me to travel to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland with the organization, Students on Ice.

 My expedition took me on an adventure over 150 students, innovators, scientists and teachers! I was able to explore wonders such as the Ilulissat Icefjord, a gorgeous place, filled with ice bergs as far as the eye could see. However due to global warming, I learned that it is expected to disappear in 20-30 years! However my most memorable experience was during a 12 hour hike to the Arctic Circle where I stopped to marvel in the beauty of the scenery. While I marvelled at the sand beneath my feet, crystal ponds, snow-capped mountains; I was shocked as my foot collided with a tin can, rusted and left in this beautiful place. My expedition made me realize it takes one person to decide to not throw the can down, just like it takes one person to make a difference and one person to change the world. Through my platform I hope to educate people of these issues and make them aware of ways we can all do our part to  make a change!

I’m an active member in my school’s Allied Youth post, an organization run by youth for youth! I have held various executive positions over the past four years and I am currently our post’s Vice President! Allied Youth has allowed me to volunteer locally, provincially and even globally, through initiatives such as collecting used glasses to send overseas and raising funds for the Nepal Earthquake Relief!

I express myself through the arts, specifically acting and singing, the stage feels like home to me! I am very involved in my school’s drama program and have preformed in 10 productions. I’ve been the recipient of both the “Most Dedicated Drama Student” and the “Excellence in Acting” awards for the past four years!

I’ve also worked with the Short Circuit Dream Fund and their “Wings of an Angel” Butterfly Release! The Short Circuit Dream Fund is an organization that helps grant dreams to ill children in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each year they host a butterfly release in many locations all over the province, where people buy real butterflies and release them in memory of loved ones who have passed. I have truly enjoyed working with this amazing organization and will continue to do so!

My journey as Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland 2015 has only just begun, I’d like to thank all of those who have supported me in the past and those who will continue to support me as I prepare for Nationals and beyond!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman 

Xoxo Bailey


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