When you’re in the fourth grade, the world is a huge place and the Earth seems like it’s invincible. Those were my thoughts exactly until I listened to a presentation on what global warming was and how it’s harming our planet and all of a sudden, the Earth didn’t seem so big and strong. At first I was extremely worried, my little mind was racing and I asked one of my teachers, “is the Earth going to be okay?” and what she responded lit the spark in my soul, that fired this intense passion: “only if we make it okay.”


After that a group of my peers and I created an environmental group in my school to promote the importance of environmental awareness! It began with a paper recycling program in our school and collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house and grew into our own green house and a biodiversity garden. This group that came to be known as the Eco Kids has opened many doors for me, including giving me the opportunity to apply (and win) a scholarship to travel to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland with Students on Ice.

I was able to explore wonders such as the Ilulissat Icefjord, a gorgeous place, filled with ice bergs as far as the eye could see. However due to global warming, I learned that it is expected to disappear in 20-30 years! However my most memorable experience was during a 12 hour hike to the Arctic Circle where I stopped to marvel in the beauty of the scenery. While I marvelled at the sand beneath my feet, crystal ponds, snow-capped mountains; I was shocked as my foot collided with a tin can, rusted and left in this beautiful place. My expedition made me realize it takes one person to decide to not throw the can down, just like it takes one person to make a difference and one person to change the world. IMG_0330

After my expedition, the spark that had been burning in my heart and soul had turned into a raging fire and a girl with a mission; which is why I choose the importance of environmental awareness as my platform. This issue is really important to me we don’t own this planet, we’re renting it and we’re ripping off the landlord. It keeps giving and all we do is take, destroy; we need to realize that if this planet dies, we’re going down with it.

Being crowned Miss Teenage Canada would give me the opportunity to promote this passion all over the country! I’d tell my story of how I got involved, of what I’ve learned and why everyone should become more environmentally aware. I would provide people with how they can get involved and bring us one step closer toward a healthier planet! As the Eco-Kids motto goes: “A little, does a lot!”

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