My name is Bailey and I’m very proud to be carrying the title of Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland!   I enjoy the outdoors, reading, yoga and all things glamour! I live with my mother and father, my younger sister, Kennedy and my 9 month old Dalmatian, Gypsy in Lawn; a quaint (but extremely supportive town) nestled on “the boot” of Newfoundland!

I’m currently a level two student at Holy Name of Mary Academy, my education is very important to me and I have won many academic awards throughout my school career such as Top Student and Academic Excellence.

I aspire to be a Veterinarian, animals are my passion and always have been; when I was a child my teachers would always ask the class what they “wanted to be when they grew up”; my fellow students always piped up with careers of princesses and rock stars but my answer was always veterinarian and that dream never wavered. Once I graduate High School I plan to go to The University of Prince Edward Island, complete a Bachelor of Science degree and then apply to the Atlantic Veterinary College. Upon completion of my training I want to fulfill my dream of starting my own Veterinary clinic and rescue shelter. In doing so I would be able to help both those animals who have a loving home and those that do not. I want to devote my life to providing a better life to animals of all sizes, making sure they are properly cared for and most importantly, happy!

Because of my career goals I have begun to dip my feet into the world of medicine by participating in programs such as Memorial University’s MedQuest and Neuroscience competitions!

 Another strong passion of mine lies with the importance of environmental conservation and protection. My interests are focused mainly in the fields of ocean conservation, global warming and climate change, protection of endangered species and trash reduction. This passion was sparked in the fourth grade when I co-founded, with some students, an environmental group, called the Holy Name of Mary Academy Eco-Kids. We promoted environmental awareness throughout our school and community. In 2013 I was awarded a $15,000 scholarship with the Marine Institute that allowed me to travel to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland with the organization, Students on Ice.

 My expedition took me on an adventure over 150 students, innovators, scientists and teachers! I was able to explore wonders such as the Ilulissat Icefjord, a gorgeous place, filled with ice bergs as far as the eye could see. However due to global warming, I learned that it is expected to disappear in 20-30 years! However my most memorable experience was during a 12 hour hike to the Arctic Circle where I stopped to marvel in the beauty of the scenery. While I marvelled at the sand beneath my feet, crystal ponds, snow-capped mountains; I was shocked as my foot collided with a tin can, rusted and left in this beautiful place. My expedition made me realize it takes one person to decide to not throw the can down, just like it takes one person to make a difference and one person to change the world. Through my platform I hope to educate people of these issues and make them aware of ways we can all do our part to  make a change!

I’m an active member in my school’s Allied Youth post, an organization run by youth for youth! I have held various executive positions over the past four years and I am currently our post’s Vice President! Allied Youth has allowed me to volunteer locally, provincially and even globally, through initiatives such as collecting used glasses to send overseas and raising funds for the Nepal Earthquake Relief!

I express myself through the arts, specifically acting and singing, the stage feels like home to me! I am very involved in my school’s drama program and have preformed in 10 productions. I’ve been the recipient of both the “Most Dedicated Drama Student” and the “Excellence in Acting” awards for the past four years!

I’ve also worked with the Short Circuit Dream Fund and their “Wings of an Angel” Butterfly Release! The Short Circuit Dream Fund is an organization that helps grant dreams to ill children in Newfoundland and Labrador. Each year they host a butterfly release in many locations all over the province, where people buy real butterflies and release them in memory of loved ones who have passed. I have truly enjoyed working with this amazing organization and will continue to do so!

My journey as Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland 2015 has only just begun, I’d like to thank all of those who have supported me in the past and those who will continue to support me as I prepare for Nationals and beyond!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman 

Xoxo Bailey


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6 Responses to Hello from Bailey, Miss Teenage Southern Newfoundland 2015

  1. Renada Doyle says:

    I am so proud of you , not only because I am your Aunt but because of the dedication, hard work and passion that you carry with you in everything you do every day !!

  2. Sue King says:

    Congratulations Bailey! You have already accomplished many good and wonderful things in your young life. You are an inspiration to all people, young and old, and I wish you nothing but the best in everything you set out to accomplish!! Take Care and God Bless!!
    P.S. Uncle Howard and Aunt Alice would be so, so proud of you, as I’m sure Otto and Priscilla are.

  3. Christina Keating says:

    Good luck Bailey! If the competition is based on hard work, dedication, determination and passion, then no-one else stands a chance of winning. Keep up the great work but don’t forget to relax and enjoy every minute of your journey!

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