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After an exciting morning of baby animals at the zoo what a better way to relax and grab some great food than to check out the Richtree Market Taco Truck! First of all the atmosphere is crazy cool, the taco truck is made out of a gorgeous mint green Volkswagen van! Second, the customer service is amazing, the employees were extremely polite and they were extremely patient, which is sometimes hard to do when you’re serving 82 hungry pageant girls! The employees were always happy to answer any questions you had for them are were eager to help you clean up once you were done, if you’re looking for great people this is the place for you. Of course I can’t forget about the food, it was incredible! I ordered the fish tacos, it was a great piece of beer battered cod, over a bed of coleslaw, a spicy sauce, cilantro and lime, all wrapped up in a soft taco shell; it’s a great meal to grab on the go or sit down in the market and enjoy it with some friends! If you are in the Eaton Centre in Toronto, you have to check out the Richtree Market Taco Truck, you will thank me! I like to say a huge thank you to the truck for giving us such a lovely lunch today, it was greatly appreciated!


If anyone is interested in more info:


Richtree Website: http://richtreenaturalmarket.com

Richtree Facebook: /RichtreeMarket

Richtree Twitter: @RichtreeMarket

Richtree Instagram: RichtreeMarket


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When you’re in the fourth grade, the world is a huge place and the Earth seems like it’s invincible. Those were my thoughts exactly until I listened to a presentation on what global warming was and how it’s harming our planet and all of a sudden, the Earth didn’t seem so big and strong. At first I was extremely worried, my little mind was racing and I asked one of my teachers, “is the Earth going to be okay?” and what she responded lit the spark in my soul, that fired this intense passion: “only if we make it okay.”


After that a group of my peers and I created an environmental group in my school to promote the importance of environmental awareness! It began with a paper recycling program in our school and collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house and grew into our own green house and a biodiversity garden. This group that came to be known as the Eco Kids has opened many doors for me, including giving me the opportunity to apply (and win) a scholarship to travel to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland with Students on Ice.

I was able to explore wonders such as the Ilulissat Icefjord, a gorgeous place, filled with ice bergs as far as the eye could see. However due to global warming, I learned that it is expected to disappear in 20-30 years! However my most memorable experience was during a 12 hour hike to the Arctic Circle where I stopped to marvel in the beauty of the scenery. While I marvelled at the sand beneath my feet, crystal ponds, snow-capped mountains; I was shocked as my foot collided with a tin can, rusted and left in this beautiful place. My expedition made me realize it takes one person to decide to not throw the can down, just like it takes one person to make a difference and one person to change the world. IMG_0330

After my expedition, the spark that had been burning in my heart and soul had turned into a raging fire and a girl with a mission; which is why I choose the importance of environmental awareness as my platform. This issue is really important to me we don’t own this planet, we’re renting it and we’re ripping off the landlord. It keeps giving and all we do is take, destroy; we need to realize that if this planet dies, we’re going down with it.

Being crowned Miss Teenage Canada would give me the opportunity to promote this passion all over the country! I’d tell my story of how I got involved, of what I’ve learned and why everyone should become more environmentally aware. I would provide people with how they can get involved and bring us one step closer toward a healthier planet! As the Eco-Kids motto goes: “A little, does a lot!”

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As I prepared to ship of to the Canadian Arctic and Greenland in 2013, a previous SOI alumni told me to “always wear Newfoundland on your sleeve.” I have carried this advice with me ever since.

I’ve always taken pride in my province and am always eager to share stories about my hometown! I’ve combined the pride I take in my home with my love for travel with my trusty Newfoundland Flag! This flag has been with me everywhere, because I feel it’s extremely important to take pride in where you come from! Whenever I travel I always pack this little piece of my province so I can flaunt my pride all over the world!

  1. The Canadian Arctic/ Greenland

My flags journey begin when I was accepted to join Students on Ice’s 2013 Arctic Expedition (check out my previous blog post all about this journey)! My flag and I hiked to the Arctic Circle, swam in the Arctic Ocean and was a conversation piece with the residents of Uummannaq, Greenland!

46055_10152579592388047_1606135114_n 1009805_10152107607693047_1350390291_n

  1. Germany10344807_10152810774458047_9090778485440771863_n

It had always been a dream of mine to visit Germany, a country so full of culture and history! One of the attractions I was most excited to see was Neuschwanstien Castle which is also known as “The Fairytale Castle”. The castle is located in Bavaria, near the town of Fussen. It was built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, also known as the “Fairytale King”. I also took a bike tour through the town of Munich and visited the Dachau Concertation Camp Memorial Site, a fascinating but heartbreaking experience.


  1. Italy10172778_10152810693738047_4351108565241236511_n

In Italy our hotel was only steps away from the beach which made the temptation to go for a dip with the Newfoundland flag irresistible! I loved exploring Italy, especially Verona where I fell in love with the food, the people and the atmosphere!


  1. 4. Switzerland

My days in Switzerland were my favourite days in Europe, because I was able to meet so many beautiful people, everyone was so kind! However my most memorial experience in the gorgeous country was standing in the peaks of Mount Pilatus overlooking Lucerne in Central Switzerland.


I have even started a tradition of purchasing whatever country I’m visiting’s flag to commemorate my trip! My flag and I have been many places but our journey has only just begun! I will soon be representing my province on the national stage and I am so proud to be able to wear Newfoundland on my sleeve and my sash!

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson


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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Dream Fund’s Wing’s for an Angel Butterfly Release in Marystown!

11721893_1104468579582056_1685383002_n 11759617_1104468599582054_407701629_n

Wings for an Angel is a province-wide butterfly release, hosted by The Dream Fund that gives you the opportunity to release a butterfly in honour of someone who has made an impact on your life, living or deceased. I have been working with this organization for the past two years selling butterflies for the event and it has been extremely rewarding!11749342_1104468526248728_257955821_n 11774421_1104468562915391_1397103967_n

The Dream Fund is an organization that helps to make dreams come through for sick children in Newfoundland and Labrador and they are able to do this through funds raised through the butterfly release! This year 1700 butterflies were sold in the province, making it possible for almost four dreams to come true!


The event started off with local musicians, face painting and a barbeque, fun was had by all! At 5:45 all the butterflies were released at all 8 sites across the province. It was such a lovely event to take part in, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to remember my loved ones in such a special way while basking in the beauty of hundreds of painted lady butterflies!

I had such a wonderful day at this event and cannot wait to return next year!


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The true North strong and free; that is how we describe Canada, how we advertise it to the world, how we identify, because that’s exactly what we are and exactly why so many people choose Canada as their host country, strength and freedom.

Canada has been rated by the United Nations as the best place to live in the entire world, every year since 1994. It’s on paper; Canada’s the best, but why? Why do we have so much strength and freedom? Why is Canada topping the charts? As a Canadian citizen, I most certainly have the answer for you.

First of all the economy is booming, Canada currently has the eleventh largest economy and is one of the wealthiest nations; it is also a part of  both the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and Group of Seven. The logging and oil industries are two of the most important along with the manufacturing sector, centered in Central Canada, with the automobile and aircraft industry being of most importance. Because of Canada’s beautiful, long coastal line, it has the 8th largest commercial fishing and seafood industry in the world and Canada is one of the global leaders of the entrainment software industry.

The job market in Canada is flourishing right now, the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1976, With hundreds of thousands of new jobs created in Canada each year it’s plain to see why so many people come here for work; Canadians earn an average annual income of approximately $40,000.

Quite possibly one of the biggest perks of being a Canadian citizen is that up here in the “great white North” we have free healthcare! With only a few minor exceptions, all citizens qualify for health coverage such as medical treatments from primary care physicians, access to hospitals, dental surgery and addition medical services, regardless of your medical history, personal income, or standard of living.

We are treated equally in Canada, which is another why reason why Canada is such a great country to live in! Stated in the Canadian Contusion Act is “Every individual is equal before the and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability.” We also encourage immigrants to retain their cultures, to wear their homes on their selves, creating a diverse and peaceful society.

Canadians live one of the highest qualities of life in the world, a clean environment, beautiful scenery and the kindest people make for a healthy and happy life! The expected life span of the average Canadian is 82.5 years, whereas other countries such as Ukraine and Egypt have expectancies of 71-73 years and in countries like Central Africa Republic its only 48 years.

Here in Canada we have we top equality education, offering free primary and secondary education and subsidized post-secondary studies. Students are one of the country’s top priorities spending more on education than any other industrialized nation, our universities and colleges are top notch quality further proving that your education in Canada is valued.

Crime rates in Canada are among the lowest in the world and continue to drop; we’re an extremely peaceful nation! With safe and secure community policing, strict gun control laws and a fair justice system you can sleep soundly at night.

From our beautiful scenery and immense safety to our thriving economy and job market, why would you choose any other place to live in but Canada? Our caring country will welcome you with open arms and bright smiles because we are the true North, strong and free.

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This year for Canada Day I was invited to celebrate such a wonderful holiday with my home town of Lawn!


It was a beautiful day to dress up in our nation’s colours and spend time with the people of my community. The day started out on the soccer field where we sung our national anthem and I had the honour of cutting the cake with Mayor John Strang and the youngest resident of Lawn, Addison Strang!

Cutting the Cake!

Cutting the Cake!

Then came all the fun; face painting, soccer, sack races and even bobbing for apples, a great time was had by all!

The day concluded with a beach bonfire and fireworks, everyone pitched in to make the day a success!

It’s so nice to see the whole community come together and celebrate our gorgeous country! A huge thank you to the Lawn Recreation Committee for organizing such a fun-filled day!


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When I was ten years old, I lost a very important woman in my life to cancer and my world came crashing down around me. I was devastated when I got the news that she had been diagnosed and because I was only young, I didn’t understand what was happening to her. When she lost her battle I felt so alone despite the large circle of friends and family I had around me. I felt so terrible knowing that so many other families had to suffer through with such a tragic sickness.

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in the Relay for Life in Marsytown! Relay for Life is a community fundraising event where Canadians across the country join together in the fight against cancer. In 2014, nearly 400 Relays took place across Canada. This event gives families like mine a chance to meet and be inspired by others who are experiencing the same thing all while raising money for a wonderful cause!

16490_875070545903080_1489313808705212515_n (1) 11707482_875070569236411_5808562678334996036_n11659469_10153382194816070_5165613864310249201_n

It was such a high energy day filled with music, games and of course plenty of walking! I loved meeting so many beautiful people, all coming together to celebrate fighters, survivors and those who have passed. I’d like to thank Keyin College for inviting me to walk with their team the “Hope Blossoms”!

11265305_875070659236402_679281438336625161_n 11058112_875070609236407_32652801695049226_n 11694755_10153382194691070_3801736174616748897_n

I am so glad I was able to take part in this event and it inspired me and my family to enter our own team next year!

 “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.  Love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – Anonymous

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